Diaper Raffle Tickets Cute Card

Diaper Raffle Tickets Cute  Card Begin Here

Price: $2.01

Paper: Choose from 12 styles of paper

Shape: Customize 1 of 6 unique shapes

Place some cute diaper raffle tickets in your invitations, guests love them! They simply have to write their name on the ticket and can submit a ticket into a drawing for each pack of diapers given (this encourages guests to bring more than one pack, because baby will need a lot!) Supplies you&#;ll need are scissors to cut between the tickets. I made the background on the front and back a nice textured matching color and gave each ticket a slight raised look, so you don&#;t have to worry about cutting the scalloped corners. The tickets look just as good as rectangles. Hope you have a great event! Amelia Carrie –